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Natural quantum agriculture mode of food growing: strawberries: not anymore quens of pulutters, but cardiovascular healing foods for humans

Majda Ortan

Majda Ortan, Speaker at Speaker for Plant Biology Conference - Majda Ortan
Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia
Title : Natural quantum agriculture mode of food growing: strawberries: not anymore quens of pulutters, but cardiovascular healing foods for humans


Over the past seven growing seasons, in collaboration with some agricultural consultants and with some farmers and gardeners, we have, in agriculture and fruit growing, achieved many of best practices (3) with my own developed products (4), which are breakthrough innovative, effective, Natural Bio-Quantum Biostimulants that do not contain of active substances. Their energized - quantum effects on the level of vitality (vitality energies), effective enhance plants own vitality and thus indirectly their own immunology, their own resistance to pests, diseases, biotic and abiotic stress, weather and climatic factors, etc. .

With our effective, Natural Bio-Quantum Biostimulants, we have “moved the boundaries of opinions of the the possible in the sustainable production of healthy foods” between the domestic and foreign professional and lay public.

We have also total changed the general opinion that purchased strawberries are the queens of polluters, which was popularized in Slovenia especially in 2019 with the publication of the article “Strawberries, poisoners queens… let alone spinach, by author Anton Komat (1)

Article (1) summarizes the reports of the Environmental Working Group (EWG) and lists, among other things, some results of measurements of pesticide residues in as many as 38.800 samples of forty-seven types of vegetables and fruits. Among the top twelve "dirtiest crops", fruits and vegetables rank strawberries, where they found as many as 22 types of pesticide active substances. Article (1) also outlines a problematic gray fungal coating that quickly appears on the berries after picking and discourages customers. Therefore, the berries are sprayed with the fungicide for the last time just before harvesting. (1)

In 2019, when the article (1) was published, the second consecutive growing season we have devoted us to the production of energetically alive strawberries grown only with our advance, Natural Bio-Quantum Biostimulant, without the use of pesticides or any other products to strengthen and protect the berries.(5)

(5) In 2019, on Slovenian fruit farm of Janko Krošelj(4), with cooperation with their agriculture consultant Iztok Janeži?, expert of the fruit growing, they on such mode produced/grown strawberries

5)- of variety Clery (in the greenhouse, on 0.6 ha growing surface, 21.000 seedlings planted at the end of July 2018)


-of variety Dely (in the greenhouse at 0.1 ha growing surface, 4,000 seedlings planted at the end of July 2018).

They followed and implemented our spraying plan for growing strawberries using our NATURAL, BIO-QUANTUM BIOSTIMULANTS to enhance their vitality and thus indirectly also to enhance their own resistance to plant diseases, plant pests, plant stress. Production according to our spraying program does not include any use of phyto-pharmaceuticals and thus no preparations containing cupper or cupper compounds, but also covers the strengthening of vitality and thus indirectly the plant's own resistance to foreign pests, such as Drosophila suzukii. Mostly in May, 15 tons of excellent, high-quality berries were harvested and sold directly to end customers. These berries featured great taste, a distinct aroma, distinct odor and excellent persistence, since the storage time in the refrigerator was 14 days before the appearance of surface mold signs, which was significantly higher than the storage time of strawberries from all other modes of harvesting (classical, organic,) and also 175% higher than strawberries from biodinamycs mode of production/growing.

The fact is that with such mode od grown/produces strawberries, the consumers were and are convinced such grown strawberries with taste, aroma, long storage and healthy produce mode. Consumers literary grabed them and so confirm, that we offer very actual excellent solution for growing above standards quality strawberries (as well as all other kind of berries, fruits, vegetable, arid crops and also hops (3)).

As fruit berries, strawberries are low in calories, delicious, and healthy.(2) They are a good source of many vitamins, minerals and plant compounds - some of which have powerful health benefits. (2) The health benefits include reduced cholesterol, blood pressure, inflammation, and oxidative stress.(2) Furthermore, they may help prevent big spikes in both blood sugar and insulin levels. (2) Strawberries are an excellent addition to a healthy diet.(2)

With our program of Natural Bio-Quantum Biostimulants, which do not contain any active substances as well as presented good practice from Slovenian fruit farm Janko Krošelj (4), (5), we have enabled and enable the production growing of energy - alive strawberries on larger production/growing areas, which producers can offer to their customers as healthy, vital food.

Thus, we broke the stigma that (purchased) strawberries are the queen of polluters and gave strawberries a place that belongs to them in extremely healthy, vital, energy alive human food.


Majda Ortan, ing., is an Expert on the fields of Natural Bio - Quantum technologies in Agriculture and Horticulture. She graduated from chemistry technology on University of Maribor in Slovenia. On the mode of applicative research she is developed more than100 different Natural Bio-Quantum Biostimulants; their production and sale are performed in her own entrepreneur company Ph. Agrohom., Ing. Majda Ortan, s.p., where she has position of Executive Director, owner and 100% founder. She has published more than 50 articles, conducted more than hundred of seminars and also participated in some scientific conferences with international participation. She is also the founder and lecturer at her SAE ENQP Academy TM, where to the participants she transfers her rare, valuable knowledge, experience, talents and skills. Among her important achievements can certainly be classified comprehensive production - growing programs using her own developed sustainable and breaktrough innovative Natural Bioquantum Biostimulants for the production of a wide varieties of vegetables and vegetable seedlings, for the cultivation of hops, for the growing - production of berries, also strawberries, for the growing production of various fruits. Some of those applied research projects have already been presented at some well-known foreign knowledge institutions, at international scientific events and within international projects.

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