Kamal Benyamin Esho

Kamal Benyamin Esho_Speaker for Plant Biology Conferences 2020
Kamal Benyamin Esho
Mosul University, Iraq 
Title : Acomparative study of morphological and chemeical characters of some cultivars of the garlic (Allium sativum L.) cultivated in Ninaveh governorate –Iraq


The present research includes morphological and chemical study for six cultivars belonging to the garlic (Allium sativum L.) . Which cultivated in different location of Ninaveh governorate of Iraq . The morphological characters included the vegetative and reproductive parts of the plant in additions of indumentum . The results of this study showed that the bulbs , scapes bract and number of cloves have agood taxonomic value for separations cultivars.

Chemical study bas been detected to the chemical compand (Phenolic ) in aerial parts (Leaves) ) of plants , phenolic compound have been identified by using performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) . The result for this study shoed that 8 phenolic compound were identified they were : hydroquinone , Quriceten , Salicylic acid , Gallic acid , Katical , Resorcinol , Benzoic acid and Parahydroxy , which can be counted as a taxonomic  evidence supporting the taxonomic study like morphology , anatomy , cytology and pollen grains.


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