March 22-24, 2021
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Anahita Izadyar

Speaker at Plant Biotechnology Congress 2021 - Anahita Izadyar
Anahita Izadyar
Arkansas state university, USA
Title : Development of a Nano-biosensor using Recombinant Manganese Peroxidase from Corn Grain


Diabetes mellitus is a major public health problem and a leading cause of death and disability in the world. The diagnosis and management of this disease require every-day monitoring of bloodglucose levels. Electrochemical biosensor devices are used to detect and monitor glucose levels multiple times per day through finger sticks, with continuous monitoring available for those with good insurance. The continuous sensors are expensive and only last for a maximum of 10 daysbefore they become inaccurate and fouled with human fluids. We seek to resolve these problemsby using more robust enzymes and anti-fouling polymers in the construction of the sensor. Theenzymes most commonly used in biosensors are glucose oxidase (GOx) and horseradishperoxidase (HRP). However, HRP has several disadvantages including its high cost, its limitedreaction conditions and its low catalytic effect to reduce hydrogen peroxide (H2 . Manganese peroxidase (MP) is a strong oxidizing enzyme with promising potential in a variety of sensor applications. We introduced a novel enzymatic biosensor using recombinant plant-produced MP(PPMP).Our recent study shows that this recombinant PPMP has promising activity in detectingH 2 O 2 as low as 1.3 µM (Izadyar et al., 2019). Additional components that can increase longevityand sensitivity are conductive polymers (CPs) and nanoparticles. We will present the use of PPMPand novel conductive polymers together to develop a more sensitive and longer-lived biosensor todetect glucose


Anahita Izadyar Department of Chemistry and Physics, Arkansas State University, United States

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