Mohamed Said Awaad

Mohamed Said Awaad
Agricultural Research Center, Egypt
Title : Integrated Effect of Mineral and Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer on Groundnut Plant and Soil


The effect of integrated use of mineral nitrogen fertilizer and different organic materials on yield and N, P and K uptake of groundnut was assessed in a field experiment. A filed experiment was laid out on a loamy sand soil in El-Kattaba region El-Monofia governorate, Egypt during summer season.  Nitrogen fertilizer was application at rate of 60 kg fed-1 individually or in combination in a way to  ½ recommended dose from mineral nitrogen as urea + ½ recommended dose from different organic sourced to supply N at 60 kg fed-1and  arranged in a RCB design with four replications. Groundnut (Giza 5) was planted in rows. Data on biological, seeds and hay yields of groundnut were recorded. Samples of seeds and hay were also analyzed for total N, P and K to determine its uptake by the crop. Results indicated that the plants were pre-eminence in yield and yield contributing parameters with inorganic fertilizers as well as combination of organic and inorganic nutrient sources over control. Also, the results indicated that the highest growth parameters, seed, hay and biomass yields were obtained from treatment where 50% N was applied from plant residues compost (PRC) and 50% from mineral nitrogen fertilizer (T6). Soil pH and bulk density decreased in all the treatments while percentage OM and total nitrogen and porosity increased generally.


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