Farah Farahani

Farah Farahani_Speaker for Plant Biology Conferences
Farah Farahani
Islamic Azad University, Iran
Title : Micropropagation of Iranian Jujube (Ziziphus jujuba Mill.)


According to Ayurveda there are large numbers of traditional medicinal uses of Ziziphus species and the reasons behind the medicinal potential of this plant are because of some allied substances such as ascorbic acid, thiamine, riboflavin and bioflavonoids and pectin-A. Therefore, this plant is a valuable source of phytochemicals, bioactives, vitamins etc. which makes it to be effective in curing or prevention from various diseases, Thus The present research studied to develop an efficient in vitro propagation system for rapid propagation of these valuable Jujube cultivar Shahzileh, The Shahzileh cultivar is valuable because pulp fruit to seed ration is higher than other cultivars and such as, is the highest fruit production and the highest number of cuttings per year in South Khorasan province, Iran.

The results of this study showed, the regenerated plantlets have suitable length and proliferation. According to the results, a combination of BA with low concentration of IBA has the best branching, So, this method can be used for micropropagation of Jujube in commercial scale in our country. Specially, the in vitro cultured plants form variants in stressful culture conditions. The jujube tree can be an appropriate organism to assess the effect of a long-term vegetative propagation in morphological traits by attending to the study’s results, and as a consequence, it is recommended to attain stabilized and suitable somaclonal variations in jujube explants subcultures.


Dr. Farah Farahani graduated from Islamic Azad University in 2000 with a Ph.D of Plant Biotechnology. She has done 6 research projects in the field of micropropagation, cell and plant tissue culture and gene transfer in medicinal plants. She authored two books about cell culture and plant tissue. She has obtained associate professor grade in 2014. She has published 76 research articles in international journal and supervised 2 Ph.D student and 45 Ms.c. students. She has managed plant tissue culture company in Iran. 

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