Dahmane Soumia

Dahmane Soumia_Poster presenter at Plant Biotechnology Conference 2020
Dahmane Soumia
University of Mostaganem, Algeria
Title : Miscanthusas an example of ecological genetics and genomics for nonmodel species


Miscanthus, a genus of the Poaceae, has attracted biologists' attention because of its high biomass and fast growth, traits that make this grass potentially useful as a biofuel. Miscanthus, is morphologically diverse and widespread across various habitats along altitude and latitude, providing a perfect model for investigating adaptation and speciation. Nevertheless, big genome sizes and rampant gene flow cause challenges in the genomic analysis of species swarms of Miscanthus. Here, we illustrate genetic and genomic analyses of divergence and adaptive differentiation among Miscanthus species. Outlier and linkage disequilibrium analyses are suggested for the identification of genes under diversifying selection.


Dahmen soumia has completed her PhD from Research Centre for Biodiversity and Graduate Institute of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Mostaganem University, Mostaganem, Algeria and postdoctoral studies from Mostaganem University, Algeria. She has published more than 12 papers in reputed journals and has been serving as a reviewer member of Biology journal studies.


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