Fahima Abdelkader

Fahima Abdelkader_Poster presenter Plant Biotechnology Conferences 2020
Fahima Abdelkader
University of Biskra, Algeria
Title : Morphological and pomological characteristics of fig (Ficus carica L.) cultivar from Bejaia, Algeria


The fig (Ficus sarica L.,) is one of the oldest fruit trees grown in Algeria. The region of Bejaia is located to the northeast. It is very famous for fig culture. Many genotypes of figs are very popular at the local and national levels. In view of these considerations, Bejaia figs are the subject of labeling products, namely "Beni-Maouche figs". The phenotypic variations and the multiplicity of names for the varietal identification of Bejaia figs and ficus sarica L. accessions, combined. In this study, nine cultivars of black fig (Tamkarkourth, Azanjar, Abairus, Azagagh, Avouankik, Tazarzourt, Avarkan, Tasahlit, Aavarki), which are collected in four different zones of this region, are characterized on the basis of some morphological parameters, qualitative as the shape, the color of the fruit and quantitative like the length and the diameter of the fruit, the size of the leaf. the results indicate that the Avouankik cultivar is distinct from the others by a longer fruit with an average of 64.57 mm and the lowest value is noted for the Avarkan cultivar (32.4 mm). for fruit weight character the cultivar Tamkarkourth weight with 62g and the lowest weight is observed in cultivar Tazarzourt (25.79 g). For leaf parameters we noted the highest values for the Avouankik cultivar. This study has identified a difference between some cultivars, which reveals the richness of the biodiversity of the study area. Morphological characterization is insufficient for varietal differentiation. However, the molecular characterization is essential for the demonstration of this variability.


Ms. Fahima Abdelkader studied agronomy sciences (production and plant improvement) obtained her diploma of engineer in 2009 at the University of Tizi Ouzou and the diploma of magister in 2012 at the University of Setif. Currently Phd student at the University of Biskra, member and researcher in the: Genetics, biotechnology and bio-resources valorization laboratory .University of Biskra, Algeria.

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