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2022 Speakers

Abdelraouf Massoud Ali

Abdelraouf Massoud Ali, Speaker at Speaker for Plant Biology Conference 2022 - Abdelraouf Massoud Ali
Abdelraouf Massoud Ali
National Authority for remote Sensing and Space Sciences (NARSS), Egypt


Abdelraouf Massoud Ali, Associate professor, Remote Sensing and GIS applications in Agricultural, Agricultural applications, Soils and Marine Sciences Division (ASMD), National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences (NARSS).
I was graduate B.Sc (Agronomy Sciences), Fac.of Agric, Kafr El-sheikh Univ.2007 Post graduate specialization Mediterranean Agronomic institute of Chania, geoinformation of Environmental Management Greece.2010, M.Sc.(Agronomy Sciences), Fac.of Agric, Ainshams Univ.under title: “ Pre- Harvest Prediction of Wheat and Rice Productivity using remote Sensing Techniques In Egypt 2012", Dr. Ali. get his Ph.D. from (Agriculture in Desert and Salt Affected Areas), Arid Land Agricultural Graduated Studies and Research Institute, Faculty of Agriculture, A in Shams University Under title“ the use of remote sensing Techniques and Gis to monitoring some cultivated crops and productivity”.Jan/2015 under my supervisor.I award Postdoc.Lyles school of civil engineering, Purdue university, INDIANA,USA from 22/03/2016 tell 20/09/2016,is work in water management, interested on,Remote Sensing &GIS applications in Agriculture, Crop yield  prediction using remote sensing, Crop discrimination using remote sensing techniques, Crop Mapping using remote sensing techniques, Analysis of Spectroscopic on soil and plants,Crop water requirement using remote sensing techniques, Retrieve biophysical parameter of Crops from remote sensing data and  Agriculture management

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