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2022 Speakers

Majda Ortan

Majda Ortan, Speaker at Plant Biology Conference 2022
Majda Ortan
Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia


Majda Ortan, ing., is an Expert on the fields of Natural Bio - Quantum technologies in Agriculture and Horticulture. She graduated from chemistry technology on University of Maribor in Slovenia. On the mode of applicative research she is developed more than100 different Natural Bio-Quantum Biostimulants; their production and sale are performed in her own entrepreneur company Ph. Agrohom., Ing. Majda Ortan, s.p., where she has position of Executive Director, owner and 100% founder. She has published more than 50 articles, conducted more than hundred of seminars and also participated in some scientific conferences with international participation. She is also the founder and lecturer at her SAE ENQP Academy TM, where to the participants she transfers her rare, valuable knowledge, experience, talents and skills. Among her important achievements can certainly be classified comprehensive production - growing programs using her own developed sustainable and breaktrough innovative Natural Bioquantum Biostimulants for the production of a wide varieties of vegetables and vegetable seedlings, for the cultivation of hops, for the growing - production of berries, also strawberries, for the growing production of various fruits. Some of those applied research projects have already been presented at some well-known foreign knowledge institutions, at international scientific events and within international projects.