HYBRID EVENT: You can participate in person at Singapore or Virtually from your home or work.


After the prodigious success of our annual conference on plant biology, Magnus Group is delighted to announce and invite one and all to its signature event "8th Edition of Global Congress on Plant Biology and Biotechnology (GPB 2024)” which is going to take place during March 25-27, 2024 as a Hybrid Event having both online and in-person versions at Singapore.

This HYBRID EVENT allows you to participate in person at Singapore or Virtually from your home or work.

The congress will be centred on the theme Ensuring Sustainability and Global Transformation Through Crucial Plant Science Advances 

Plants are sessile, blind, and deaf living entities that may appear solitary like individuals to us. We often forget that these intricate organisms are totally responsible for life on Earth. Plant Biology & Biotechnology is a burgeoning scientific field where state-of-the-art advances, extended new research methodologies, and enabling innovation for agricultural, food, and non-food uses emerge on a regular basis. GPB 2024 strives to focus on delivering the most recent scientific developments in plant biology and biotechnology, using an inclusive approach that includes long-standing research sectors as well as new breakthrough topics, on all aspects of science policy and ethics, and encouraging young students and scientists to participate. We cordially encourage plant biology researchers, scientist, academicians, plant biotechnologists, agriculturists, botanists, soil science experts, farmers, industrialists and individuals having interest in plant science from around the world to present and discuss their work and findings at the congress, contributing to a dynamic, successful, and health-safe Congress. 

Through this scientific gathering we hope to encourage collaborations at this symposium in the emerging subject of spatial and temporal dynamics in plant biology. Researchers, students, scholars and postdocs working at various levels of investigation will attend the conference. Our goal is to generate conversations and collaborations at various spatial and temporal scales ranging from atoms and molecules through cells, people, and populations and from Milliseconds through minutes to years. The conference structure was created to encourage fruitful contact and discussion among scientists from various backgrounds, disciplines, and stages of their careers. 

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