HYBRID EVENT: You can participate in person at Singapore or Virtually from your home or work.



  • Conference Registrations start at @08:00 AM on March 27, 2025 at Village Hotel ChangiSingapore. The exact name of the conference room is published in the final program.
  • During the conference, the registration desk will be open from 8 AM onwards.
  • At the registration desk, you will receive your conference badge, the conference folder, the abstract book, and the conference program.
  • At the desk conference, onsite coordinators will be able to answer your questions at all times.
  • At the registration desk you will receive vouchers for lunch, please hand your vouchers to the restaurant staff when getting your lunch.

Speaker Guidelines:

  • Please be informed that there may be slight changes in the program for any reason. So please be available in the meeting room from the conference start time on the day of your presentation.
  • Each speaker will have 20-25 minutes for a presentation. Please plan your talk for 17-19 minutes to allow for an introduction and questions. In order to stay on track of time, please ensure that you start and end your presentation at the times indicated in the schedule.
  • The working language of the conference is English.
  • The presentation should be submitted in PDF or PPT Format. Be sure your visuals are clear and very legible. 
  • Submit your presentation slides 15 days before the conference and also bring a copy with you on a flash drive or storage device to the event.
  • Please check and make sure that your presentations are working properly before the session starts.
  • The meeting room is equipped with a digital projector, screen, laptop, slider with pointer, cordless mike, desktop mike, and basic sound system.
  • Taking the timelines and technical setup into consideration, using personal laptops is not recommended unless under unavoidable conditions.
  • Users of Windows/PC should assure compatibility of their presentation with the MAC system used at the lectern.

Poster Guidelines:

  • All posters will be allotted a poster number in the final program. Presenters must locate their assigned poster display, which will be numbered, and hang their poster 1 hour before the poster session starts. Pasting or Hanging materials will be provided.
  • Poster Dimensions: The display area for each poster on the poster board is 1 m wide by 1 m high.
  • All posters should be prepared in advance and brought to the conference by the presenters.
  • On-site printing is NOT facilitated; it should be done in advance by the presenter.
  • Presenters are asked to be available at their posters during the full poster session to discuss their posters with interested viewers.
  • You need to collect your poster by end of the day; we dispose of the posters left behind.

Virtual Presentation Guidelines:

  • Virtual Presentation allows participants to present conveniently from their homes or work without traveling.
  • Registered participants will receive the meeting invite with a personalized user ID for webinar access a few days before the event.
  • Please join the meeting 30 minutes early, to minimize last minute technical issues.
  • Each speaker will have 20-25 minutes for the presentation. Please plan your talk for 17-19 minutes to allow for an introduction and Q&A session at the end of your talk. In order to stay on track of time, please ensure that you start and end your presentation at the times indicated in the program.
  • If you are a presenter, be ready with your presentation slides open on your device when the meeting starts. You can share that document while sharing your screen.
  • If you would like to send the recorded presentation instead of attending and presenting online, we recommend you send the recorded files along with Power Point presentation 10 days before the event start


  • All the attendees will be provided with delegate certificate signed by the organizing committee members. Name and affiliation on the certificates will be printed on certificates as per our records, for any changes or requests regarding the certification— please contact us before one month of the conference.
  • Certificates will be provided during the session or after completion of the session, so please make sure to be present in the hall until the session ends.
  • E-certificate will be sent through email in 2-3 working days after the completion of the conference.
  • Co-authors not registered for the conference, will not receive the certificate.

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