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2019 Speakers

Lai Cheng Hsiang

Lai Cheng Hsiang, Speaker at Plant Science Conferences
Lai Cheng Hsiang
National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


Lai Cheng Hsiang is currently a Ph.D. student with the National Institute of Education, Singapore looking at thermal windows and heat responses of temperate vegetables grown in tropical aeroponics systems. Part of his work involves examining the possibility of thermotolerance conferment via priming events like subjecting vegetable crops to sub-lethal heat shocks and the designing of stress indices of temperate vegetables to heat stress. Previously he was working with marine intertidal organisms on their physiological thermal limits and stress responses to abiotic environmental stressors like temperature and pollution. He has also worked on anti-malaria drug screening from secondary metabolites of gorgonians in Singapore waters.