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2022 Speakers

Lyudmyla Symochko

Lyudmyla Symochko, Speaker at Plant Biotechnology Conferences
Lyudmyla Symochko
Uzhhorod National University, Ukraine


Lyudmyla Symochko got her Master's degree in Ecology and Environment Protection in 2000. Doctor's degree in Specialty Ecology in 2005. She is Associate Professor since 2008. Symochko Lyudmyla – a specialist in environmental microbiology and ecology. Since 2008 she has focused on autecology and synecology research of soil and water microbiota. Explores the soil resistome and the role of natural and transformed ecosystems as a reservoir of antibiotic-resistant microorganisms. Helds microbiological monitoring in different types of ecosystems. Detects antibiotic-resistant opportunistic pathogens in the environment and provides they risk assessment to human health. Author of over 170 scientific publications, including 5 books. Member of Editorial Board of 9 International Scientific journals.

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