2021 Speakers

Tatyana Latsko

Speaker at Plant Biology and Biotechnology 2021 - Tatyana Latsko
Tatyana Latsko
Moscow State University, Russian Federation


Dr. Latsko studied Biology at the Petrozavodsk University, Karelian Republic Russian Federation and graduated as MS in 1979. She then joined the research group of Prof. Smykov at the Steep department of the Niktskiy Botanical Garden, Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences (UAAS). In 1993, she received a Ph.D. degree for studying the biological characteristics of new apple cultivars and hybrids at the same institution. For a long time she was engaged in peach breeding. She is a co-author of a number of peach and apple cultivars. Since 2012, she headed the department of steppe crop production. She has published more than 70 research articles in SCI (E) journals.