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Welcome Message

Welcome Message


Yours Sincerely
Mohammad Babadoost
University of Illinois

Dear attendees of the conference

As a plant pathologist, with more than 30 years of experience, I would like to emphasize that problem-solving in plant pathology is now different than 10, 15, and 20 years ago. Without using biotechnology, accurate identification of plant pathogen species is not possible. For example, for decades, mycologists struggled to established a reliable identification of Fusarium species. It was not possible until 2000s, when molecular analyses of Fusarium isolates helped to offer a reliable classification of Fusarium species. Similar reports have been published on many other plant pathogenic gerens, such as Colletotrichum, Phytophthora, Xanthomonas, etc. The most important step in problem-solving in plant pathology is accurate identification of the causal agents. Plant Biology and Biotechnology Conferences offer broad knowledge in using basic and applied sciences for problem-solving in plant pathology. I am looking forward to seeing you in the 8th Edition of Global Congress on Plant Biology and Biotechnology scheduled for March 21-23, 2024 at Singapore.

Welcome Message

Plant Events

Yours Sincerely
Edgar Omar Rueda Puente
University of Sonora

Dear colleagues and general public present at this honorable 8th Edition of Global Congress on Plant Biology and Biotechnology Event

It is a pleasure for me to address you on the occasion of Welcome. I would like to inform you that global food production under adverse environments and that reduce the productivity of conventional crops, environments such as deserts, arid and semi-arid areas, biotechnology has played an important role in overcoming some adversities. There are several examples which are notable examples of the creativity of the researchers, suggesting that biotechnology is playing a significant role in changing the course of humanity in one way or another, and being one of the disciplines and industry that more have advanced in recent years, the injection of capital into it represents one of the best options for investors for the future. The development of events such as the one we will be witnessing GPB-2024, will show how biotechnology is an interdisciplinary field of enormous applications that helps the development in a very significant way in the present and in the coming years.

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