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2023 Speakers

Edgar Omar Rueda Puente

Edgar Omar Rueda Puente, Speaker at Plant Biology Conferences
Universidad de Sonora, Mexico
Title : New biotechologies experiencies: Cannabis spp. as a new form to produce under dry arid ando deserts zones


Arid and semi-arid zones occupy a little more than half of the territory in Mexico. It is estimated that they house some six thousand plant species, of which about 50% are exclusive to our country. The Seris (COMCAAC), an Amerindian people living in the west-central Mexican state of Sonora, have been promoting sustainable agricultural production systems. The application of bioderivatives of crustacean exoskeletons such as chitosan (QUI) and microorganisms that promote plant growth, endomycorrhizal, symbiont, beneficial, and antagonist, in some crops have shown to be an alternative in agricultural production systems, obtaining improvements in crop yields. However, currently, with the aim of promoting new products and under the production of secondary metabolites of the cannabinoid family, interest in Cannabis spp. has been taken with emphasis, especially due to the limitation of studies on the effect of these bioderivatives such as QUI and microbial under conditions of aridity and salinity and use of seawater.


Awarded with the Doctor Honoris Causa degree by the International Organization for Inclusion and Educational Quality. Level two in the National System of Researchers of CONACyT. Six occasions as distinguished 2004-2006-2008-2010-; 2012-; 2014-2015; QUALIFIED TO AUDIT AND IMPLEMENT INSTITUTIONS MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS by Mexican Accreditation Entity (EMA: ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management Systems; ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System; ISO 21001: 2018 Management System for educational organizations; ISO 50001 Energy management systems; Certification in labor competence in the EC0217-CONOCER Competency Standard (teaching of training courses in a group face-to-face manner; Member of the Inter-secretarial Commission for Biosafety of Genetically Organisms Modified in Mexico.

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