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2023 Speakers

Vashchenko Viktor Fedorovich

Vashchenko Viktor Fedorovich, Speaker at Plant Biotechnology Conferences
Rlets State University, Russian Federation
Title : The most productive potential as a result of adaptation by the balance of hormones of the initial cell of the apex, secondary initial meristems


The mechanism of initiation of organogenesis and the sequence of growth of branches, leaves, stems still does not have an unambiguous explanation in botany. In crop production, the potential for harvesting is taken into account the high yield obtained in the variety plot with the recommended excellent agricultural practices. However, explanations are not always realized and poorly executed agricultural techniques; in practice, they are always explained by the weather. Less favorable yield factors for potential yield under given conditions can cause aggression, terrain and years of cultivation of high yields. Thus, the potential for productivity is contained in the biological basis. Methodology: in a model experiment, determine the stimulation of the initial cells of the apex as dominance in the balance of hormones of stimulants and inhibitors of cultures with the next dominance of stems (barley), simultaneous (rapeseed) and a single apex (pine), secondary meristems. All intact plants were treated with the hormoneinhibitor ethylene, and liquid complex fertilizer with nitrogen in all forms as a trophic stimulant manually to determine the effect on the whole plant, since individual physiological reactions and chemical formulas do not allow us to determine the effect on the yield and its structure. Hypothesis of experience: the influence of the hormonal status of the apex as the dominance of growth stimulants on organogenesis in ontogenesis and its analogue in crop production - the structure of yield, the phenotype as the transition of phases and the growth of quantitative elements of seed productivity, the impact on the main physiological processes in the plant. Purpose: to prove the homology of the reactions of initiation of growth and development of apexes in different zones in a geographical experiment, the influence of orthotropic and lodging on apical dominance and decapitation on seed productivity and yield structure.


Vashchenko Viktor Fedorovich, studied breeding at the Voronezh Agrarian University, defended his master's degree at the Moscow Institute of Agriculture and was a doctoral student at Yelets State University. He worked there as an assistant professor. Published more than 80 scientific articles in journals, 2 monographs in Europe and the Russian Federation.

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