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2023 Speakers

Muhammad Nasir Subhani

Muhammad Nasir Subhani, Speaker at Plant Science Conferences
University of the Punjab, Pakistan
Title : Trichoderma induced resistance against wilt caused by fusarium oxysporum f.sp. Pisi, in pea (pisum sativum) through competitive inhibition


Four different Trichoderma species were isolated from pea field soil rhizosphere of selected areas of Punjab, Pakistan. Based on morphological, cultural and moelcular characteristics, species were recognized as T. harzianum, T. viridae, T. hamatum and T. koningii. The isolated species were screened for the production of extracellular hydrolytic enzymes. The strains were found positive for chitinase and glucanase activities.  Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. pisi (FOP) was isolated from roots of wilted pea plants. In-vitro biocontrol potential of the isolated Trichoderma species was assayed by dual culture technique against FOP. The maximum growth inhibition was observed by T. viridae (76.42%) followed by T. harzianum (74.29%), T. koningii (71.43%) and T. hamatum (69.64%), after 7 days of incubation. All four isolated species of Trichoderma were used in confrontational assay against FOP. A competition of Trichoderma sp. v/s FOP was evidente. All Trichoderma strains showed strong antagonistic activity, clearly observed on dual culture agar plates and further confirmed under scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Pot experiments also confirmed a very strong competitive inhibition of FOP evidently due to presence of glucanase and chitinases in Trichoderma spp. The primary screening and basic findings of present work will be helpful to obtain an efficient and novel biocontrol agent for further experimental trials on pea plants and may also enhance the chance of using Trichoderma species in integrated disease management (IDM) programs as an effective biological agent against several phyto-pathogens.


Muhammad Nasir Subhani is from University of the Punjab, Lahore

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