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Egamberdiev Akmal Ergashevich

Egamberdiev Akmal Ergashevich, Speaker at Plant Science Conferences
Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan
Title : Ajuga turkestanica (Regel) brig in Uzbekistan biomorphological characteristics, area, place in plant communities and raw resources


In the article, Ajuga turkestanica (Regel) Briq the biomorphological properties of the area, and its role in resource and plant communities have been cited by the results of a scientific study on the areas of modern distribution and raw material reserves. A. turkestanica the modern distribution map was created using the ArcMap 10.8.1 GIS package software when processing geoinform and vector data and constructing species distribution maps. A. turkestanica area divided its growing areas into 3 categories and 21 arrays. Category I consists of 6 massives, which are 800-1200 m above sea level, where plants grow thick, and it is easy to carry raw materials by transport, we introduced the gods close to populated villages. Category II consisted of 10 massifs, which were taken from areas 1200-1800 m above sea level, where plants were not very thick or plants grew thick, where transport could not come close to more than 2-3 km, away from the population. Category III consisted of 5 massifs, which were taken from areas 1800-2500 m above sea level, with less vegetation, and no road to transport. When raw materials are made from such fields, bringing them with the help of live forces will be necessary. In Uzbekistan the current biological reserve of ?. turkestanica is 93.5±35.3 t, the usable reserve is 46.2±13.8 t, and the reserve to be prepared in 1 year is 28.4±5.42 tons.

Keywords: Ajuga turkestanica; formation; seed productivity; ontogeny; subdominant; annual.


I Egamberdiev Akmal Ergashevich studied at the Faculty of Biology and Chemistry of Jizzakh State Pedagogical University. For a long time I have been working at the Institute of Chemistry of Plant Substances, Laboratory of Medical and Technical Biology of Plants of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan. In 2003 he defended his thesis on the topic Ajuga turkestanica (Regel) Brig.) bioecological features, resources and phytocenoses. I am currently pursuing my DSi. Currently I work as the head of this laboratory. I have published more than 120 international scientific articles.

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