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2024 Speakers

Iqtidar Hussain

Iqtidar Hussain, Speaker at Botany Conference
Gomal University, Pakistan
Title : Ameliorative influence of Salicylic acid on physiology of potato tubers under salinity (heavy metals salts) and climate change scenario


Salinity is defined as accumulation of different salts in soil which are injurious to Plant’s health. Heavy metals salts presence in soil and irrigation water are great threat to different types of crops especially underground stems like potato’s tubers. Heavy metals contamination in underground stems is one of major issue that arises due to frequent urbanization in growing cities which are injurious to the health of humans. Heavy metals salts pose a serious threat to potato crop. Salicylic acids detoxify the poisonous effect of heavy metals and improve the growth of plant under abiotic stresses in climate change scenario. The research was designed to investigate the effect of salicylic acid on morphological, physiological and anatomical responses of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.). A pot experiment was conducted to investigate the three levels of salicylic acid (0, 0.5 and 1mM) against four different concentrations of sewage water (0, 2, 4 and 6% contamination of heavy metals salts). Foliar application of salicylic acid was applied at vegetative stage. Various growth parameters and soil analysis were done. The results showed application of salicylic on tomato plants significantly improved all studies traits like shoot length, shoot fresh weight, no. of leaves, no. of shoots, leaves area, root length, root weight, tuber volume, tuber diameter, tuber numbers and fresh weight, heavy metal analysis and protein analysis in leaves with H2O2 content. This study proved that SA treatment improved morphology and anatomical structure of potato plants. It had potential to reduce the adverse effects of heavy metal stress.

Key Words: Heavy metal, Underground stem, accumulation, remedy, potato crop


Dr. Iqtidar Hussain is serving Department of Agronomy as Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Agriculture Gomal University since 2014. He did PhD in 37 years from Gomal University in Agronomy (plant sciences). He has substantially improved his capacity building through meaningful participation as key note speaker/ resource person/ focal person/ organizer in various training sessions, seminar, conference and workshops at national and internal levels. He got distinction to become members of Member of Soil Science Society of Pakistan, Weed Science Society of Pakistan, Pakistan Botany Society and Pakistan Allelopathty Society. He succeeded in publishing 98 research articles in national as well as International repute research journal across the country and around the globe. He served Education Department as Teacher and Subject Specialist for 17 years and Gomal University as Assistant Professor for 8 years


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