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2024 Speakers

Hayoon Kim

Hayoon Kim, Speaker at Plant Biology Conferences
Radnor High School, United States
Title : Establishing a computational screening framework to identify environmental exposures using untargeted GC-HRMS


E-waste exposure to humans has been an issue for both developing countries. As technology has advanced, the production of waste has increased, and the toxicity of this e-waste has been giving workers adverse health effects. Liquid crystal monomer (LCM) is one of the toxic organic compounds within e-waste and has been researched extensively to figure out the degree to which it affects human health. Because this is a global concern, countries are currently trying to implement effective solutions.

We have identified previously written research papers related to the topic of e-waste and its effect on human health primarily by searching them in Pub Med, using specific search terms. Then, we filtered out the non-related papers by filtering out the preprints, retracted publications, and other animals (excluding humans). Moreover, we filtered out the papers by dividing them based on the categories of include, exclude, and review. This way, we were able to have a list of only the related papers for our review. After developing this list, we looked over the research papers in our list and reviewed what has been discovered about e-waste exposure and the harm and also about what should be done to further solve the issue.

The research papers proved the detrimental effects of e-waste on the human body. Specifically, they proved that LCM plays a major role in being the toxic component inside e-waste. Organizing sources based on search terms and filtering them through two different filtering methods allows relevant research papers to be gathered efficiently. Moreover, future studies would have to reveal further details of the e-waste management and LCM from the e-waste.

Keywords: E-waste, Electronic waste, Human health, Toxicity, Liquid crystal monomer (LCM)


Hayoon Kim is from Radnor High School, United States.

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