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2024 Speakers

Muhammad Ijaz Tabassum

Muhammad Ijaz Tabassum, Speaker at Plant Science Conferences
Ayub Agricultural Research Institute, Pakistan
Title : Impact of voices on wheat yield maximization


Study on impact of voices in wheat crop was conducted in the farmer‘s field in Tandalianwala, Faisalabad-Pakistan during 2020-21. Eleven (11) various voices were applied in eleven different experiments located on various sites as main treatments like voice of soft music (T1), voice of fast (disco) music (T2), voice of folk music as dhol (T3), Weeping voice (T4),  Smiling voice (T5), Laughing voice (T6), voice of good words with nice gesture (T7),  voice of good words but without nice gesture (feelings) (T8), voice of speaking bad words (T9), voice of cross-talks (T10) and the voice of recitation (T11). One treatment also kept without developing any voice on 12th location as check treatment (T12). Each location is comprising an area of 0.25 acre only. All these treatments were applied separately at three different stages in crop season; firstly during its cultivation, secondly during first irrigation and lastly during anthesis development in wheat crop. Keeping all other treatments like seed rate, fertilizer, irrigation etc.., remained uniform in the experiment. Results showed that maximum wheat yield of 3620 kg/acre (90.5 mnds/acre) were produced by T11. It excelled 75% more yield than the check treatment. It was followed by T7 (2740 kg/acre) producing 33% more yield than the controlled treatment (2060 kg/acr). However, the minimum yield of 700 kg/acre only was obtained by T8. It was concluded that wheat plant responded the voices accordingly. Recommendation is given to the farmers to recite verses of Holy Quran in various growth stages of crop season in the wheat field, proved to be the most effective tool for vertical expansion of wheat yield due to unseen and hidden energy lying in the universal verses of Holy Quran.


Muhammad Ijaz Tabassum is from Farmers Field/Ayub Agricultural Research Institute, Pakistan

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