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2024 Speakers

Minoo Divakaran

Minoo Divakaran, Speaker at Plant Biotechnology Conferences
University of Calicut, India
Title : In vitro techniques for conservation of plant genetic resources: Sustaining Biodiversity for the future


Protecting plant genetic resources is essential given the effects of climate change, habitat loss, and the growing demand for food security worldwide. Plant species' genetic diversity can be preserved through the use of effective and adaptable in vitro conservation procedures, which also help to ensure the species' resilience and adaptability in an unpredictable future. An extensive strategy for in vitro conservation of plant genetic resources is outlined. We will explore the various facets of in vitro conservation, including important subjects like:

Technological Developments: We will examine the most recent advances in cryopreservation, tissue culture, and biotechnology that make it possible to efficiently and economically conserve plant genetic resources. This progress has greatly expanded the range of species and genotypes that can be protected.

Biodiversity Hotspots: We will stress the significance of concentrating in vitro conservation efforts on biodiversity hotspots, with a particular emphasis on economically valuable and endangered plant species.

Problems and Solutions: Genetic stability, the possibility of contamination, and long-term preservation are some of the difficulties associated with in vitro conservation..

Cooperation and Capacity Building: Governments, local communities, and scientists must work together to achieve successful conservation activities, hence the value of capacity building in underdeveloped nations and requirement of cooperative efforts will be delved upon

Ethical Issues: The access and benefit-sharing agreements, the significance of indigenous knowledge, and other ethical issues pertaining to in vitro conservation, also will be addressed.

Education and Public knowledge: It is important to raise public knowledge and support projects for in vitro conservation and responsible use of plant genetic resources.

Crop development and adaptation efforts can be aided by in vitro conservation, which can help preserve rare and climate-sensitive genotypes. Climate change is changing the distribution of plant species. Thus the critical role of in vitro conservation in preserving the rich genetic legacy of the planet's flora, with special reference to spices especially vanilla, will delve into the most recent methods, difficulties, and prospects in this sector, highlighting the necessity of a worldwide commitment to protect plant genetic resources for coming generations.


Minoo Divakaran is from University of Calicut, India.

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