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2024 Speakers

Kartyzhova Liliya Evgen Evna

Kartyzhova Liliya Evgen Evna, Speaker at Plant Biotechnology Conferences
NAS of Belarus, Belarus
Title : Screening of nitrogen-fixing bacterium of lupini rhizoplana for an effective association to stimulate growth and development of the host plant


The report will describe the relevance of this research area, the importance for Belarusian agriculture specializing in livestock production, and the solution of the problem of plant protein deficiency. The development of new technologies based on the replacement of mineral fertilizers by microbial preparations is substantiated, which will contribute to the ecologization of the environment, reduce the cost of environmentally friendly crop production, and increase the volume of fodder for livestock. An overview of the initial research stage of the microbial products development process is presented - from the isolation of promising microbial strains to the substantiation of their effectiveness.


L.E. Kartyzhova began her professional career at the Institute of Microbiology of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, where she gradually moved to the position of a leading researcher in the laboratory of plant-microbe interactions. In 2010. L. Kartyzhova successfully defended her PhD thesis on "Physiological and biochemical properties of new strains of Rhizobium galegae and development of the obtained biopreparations for increasing the productivity of eastern galegae". Dr. L. Kartyzhova's scientific activity is focused on research in the field of microbiology, biotechnology and plant science. In collaboration with her co-authors she has developed environmentally friendly microbial fertilizers: Rhizophos, Vogal. SoyaRhiz, MaCloR, PolyFunCur, Polybact, as well as developed methodological and practical recommendations for the effective use of these biological products. L. Kartyzhova actively participates in the training of students and young researchers, 7 diploma theses were defended under my supervision. She co-authored 8 Belarusian and Russian patents, published 250 papers in specialized publications than 70 research articles in SCI(E) journals.)

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