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2024 Speakers


Husniya, Speaker at Plant Science Conferences
Sumgait State University, Azerbaijan
Title : The phytochemical study of the pastinaca pimpinellifolia M.Bieb


Of the 15 species of the genus Pastinaca L. (Chimi) belonging to the family Apiaceae Lindl, distributed in Eurasia and the Caucasus, 4 species are known in Azerbaijan: P. umbrosa, P.armena, P. pimpinellifolia, P. glandulosa. In the flora of Azerbaijan, these species are found in the middle mountain range to the alpine zone, in forests and shrubs, meadows, arid slopes [1-3]. 103 species of the genus Pastinaca registered in the Plant List, one of which is Pastinaca pimpinellifolia M.Bieb. is a plant [4]. Apiaceae Lindl species have an interesting coumarin composition. According to the literature [Abishev, 2003; Pimenov, 2012] coumarin derivatives have been identified in more than 1626 plant species belonging to 134 genera and 568 genera in the world flora. [5]. Current research is devoted to study the chemical composition of Pastinaca pimpinellifolia. The mix of extractive substances was obtained by finely cutting the body of Pastinaca pimpinellifolia, then drying in the room conditions (100 g) and extracting by acetone 3 times (3 days for each time). To obtain the extractive substances the mix was chromagraphed by the chromatography method in the glass column filled by Al2O3. The current study aimed to conduct a chemical passporting of plants of the Apiaceae family, focusing on the coumarin content of the above-ground part of the Pastinaca pimpinellifolia. The acetone extraction resulted in the procurement of three  individual substances (peucenidin 1,9%  oroselon 2.3% and tomazin 2,7 %). Obtained 3 substances were peucenidin, oroselon, tomazin. The 1 H- NMR spectra were recorded at 300 MHz on a Bruker AM300 NMR spectrometer. The 13C-NMR spectra were recorded at 75 MHz onthe same instrument.


Husniya is from Sumgait State University, Azerbaijan

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