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2024 Speakers

Azzaz EL Medany

Azzaz EL Medany, Speaker at Plant Biology Conferences
Alexandria University, Egypt
Title : What is the possible therapeutic effect of ginkgo biloba on gastric ulcer induced by ammonia in albino rats?


Gastric ulcer is worldwide disease. Helicobacter pylori is one of the most common chronic bacterial infections that induce chronic inflammation in the gastric mucosa, mediated by an array of pro-and inflammatory cytokines. The aim of this study was to investigate the possible therapeutic effects of ginkgo biloba extract on gastric ulcer induced by ammonium hydroxide in rats and the potential underlying mechanisms. The study was done on 32 adult male Wistar albino rats, divided equally into 4 groups; normal control, gastric ulcer induced group using 1ml of 1% NH4OH orally, untreated control rats were received 1% carboxymethyl cellulose daily for 14 days after induction of ulcer and treated rats received orally 200mg/kg ginkgo biloba once daily for 14 days after induction of ulcer. The study revealed administration of ammonia showed multiple gastric lesions; edema, hyperemia , hemorrhage and ulcers with significant increase in ulcer score, myeloperoxidase (MPO), interleukin-1β (IL1β) and significant decrease in reduced glutathione (GSH), mucus amount and gastric PH. After the administration of ginkgo biloba, there was improved in gastric lesions, with significant reduction of ulcer score, MPO, IL-1β and significant increase in GSH, mucus content and gastric PH. Moreover, collagen type I & IV were gradually increased in treated group.

Key Words: Gastric ulcer ; Helicobacter pylori ; ginkgo biloba


Professor Azza El-Medany Bachelor of Medicine, University of Alexandria, with the general grade of very good with honour  in 1976. Master Degree in Basic Medical Science in Pharmacology with the general grade: Excellent in 1980. Completed her PhD at age of 32 years from Alexandria University and  postdoctoral studies from Alexandria University College of Medicine. She was a Prof. of clinical pharmacology & therapeutics &Vice head of department of pharmacology, College of Medicine, KSU. She published more than 40 papers in the areas of GIT, CVS, Natural products & toxicological researches in reputed journals and serving as a memberships of a number of Professional Bodies, was a speaker in a number of international conferences, the last ones in Singapore, Japan, Brazil & USA, Malysia & Australia. She is a recipient of special awards in scientific research & teaching. One of the authors of: Basic concepts in Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Standardized for pre & post medical students. One of the authors of: Pharmacology, Standardized for dentistry students &One of the authors of Practical Pharmacology, Standardized for pre & post Medical students

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