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2019 Speakers

Basavaraja P K

Basavaraja P K, Speaker at Plant Biotechnology Conferences
Basavaraja P K
University of Agricultural Sciences, India


Dr. P. K. Basavaraja, completed his MSc(Agri) at University of  Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, Karnataka, and Ph.D. at Forest Research Institute, Dehradun, India, is presently working as Professor & Scheme Head, AICRP on STCR, UAS, Bangalore. Since thirty years he is working on Soil Fertility, Micronutrients, Salt-affected soils, Organic residue management, Watershed management,  Soil test crop response studies. He operated Thirteen research projects and guided /guiding Five Ph.D. and Ten MSc(Agri) students and Ninety students as Co-guide. He published more than 200 publications including 53 peer-reviewed research papers, bulletins, abstracts, book chapters. Officially he visited Crete, Greece, Wageningen, Netherland, Dubai and presented four research papers in international conferences.