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2020 Speakers

Cemil Koyunoglu

Cemil Koyunoglu, Speaker at Plant Biology Conferences
Cemil Koyunoglu
Yalova University, Turkey


Cemil Koyunoglu was born in Malatya in 1980. And his family moved from Malatya to Antalya when he finished his 1st preliminary school. He finished his followed classes in Antalya and he graduated Chemical Engineering in Malatya, Inonu University. He was one of the main people who established Inonu-Pal accredited fuel-oil laboratory with his willingness after his bachelor's degree graduation. Then, he graduated with his Master’s. degree position at the same department during his proficiency testing connection between SGS Netherland and Inonu-Pal. After the fuel-oil laboratory was first accepted as an accredited laboratory. He was accepted as a research assistant in Yalova University Energy System Engineering Department.