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2025 Speakers

Edward Curry Owner

Edward Curry Owner, Speaker at Plant Science Conferences
Edward Curry Owner
Curry Farms, United States


Ed’s love for chiles began at an early age when his parents planted their first chile crop in 1957. He grew up in the chile fields. His passion for chiles became a lifelong interest in chile genetics. For 25+ years, he worked closely with Phil Villa, a California chile breeder. Developing new and improved types with uniform quality, flavor, heat and increased yield. These new chiles come with pedigrees and growing guidelines to ensure that growers using them produce the best yield possible. Ed continues to work extensively in chile selections. Eighty to ninety % of these types are grown commercially in the U.S., Curry Seed & Chile Company, supplies this seed to growers in the Southwestern U.S. and in several states in Mexico.

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