2020 Speakers

Hipolyana Simone de Oliveira Alves

Speaker at Plant Biology and Biotechnology 2020 - Hipolyana Simone de Oliveira Alves
Hipolyana Simone de Oliveira Alves
State Technical School of Palmares, Brazil


MSc. Hipolyana Simone de Oliveira Alves, studied Agronomy at the Federal University of Alagoas, Brazil (2008) and graduated Master in 2018 and Specialist in Rural Extension in 2016, at the same University. Today she teaches in the Agricultural Technician course at Palmares State Technical School, where she works as a Researcher. For UNITOLEDO in partnership with FGV is MBA in People Management and for Uninassau undergraduate in Pedagogy. She is an Agricultural Consultant at the Qualified Producers Cooperative and collaborates as a Reviewer at the Journal of Applied Life Science International.