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2021 Speakers

Ivan Visentin

Ivan Visentin, Speaker at Plant Science Conferences
Ivan Visentin
University of Turin, Italy


Dr. Ivan Visentin studied and graduated in Plant biotechnology at the University of Turin in the 2004. He obtained the PhD in the Biology and Biotechnology in the 2008 at the University of Turin with a study on the mycotoxigenic fungi  in maize. Successively he joined to the research group of the Prof. Andrea Schubert before as post-doc and today as Staff Researcher Associate in the Plant Physiology at Turin University. Expertise in molecular plant physiology, his researches focus on the interaction between strigolactones (SL), abscisic acid (ABA) and some microRNAs under drought conditions in tomato and Arabidopsis plants. Recently, his research has been investigating the role played by mir156 and the SL under recurring water stress conditions in tomato. He is also involved in the management of StrigoLab, an academic spin-off focused on the production and developing of synthetic SL-related molecules and of SL-enriched biostimulants (www.strigolab.eu).

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