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2023 Speakers

K Narayana Gowda

K Narayana Gowda, Speaker at Plant Science Conferences
K Narayana Gowda
International Society of Extension Education (INSEE), India


Prof. K. Narayana Gowda obtained his B.Sc. (Agri)–1973, M.Sc. (Agri)–1979 and Ph.D. during 1992 with distinction and gold medal from the University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Prof. Gowda had the rare opportunity of serving for 41 years in fourteen different distinct positions as a teacher, researcher, extension personnel and an able administrator both in India and abroad. Prof. Gowda guided 11 Masters and 11 Doctoral degree scholars in Agricultural Extension and Development Communication. Implemented successfully many research and development projects. Most important ones are; Identification of appropriate cropping patterns for the Tank Achkat areas of South Karnataka (1992), Development of Model for Doubling Farmers Income (2010), Developing and Standardising Farmers based organisations for sustainable development of Farmers (2010),Identification and Standardisation of varieties in Jackfruit besides value addition and Processing (2014), Developing model for Attracting Farm Youth in farming popularly called “Attracting and Retaining of Youth in Agriculture” (ARYA) (2014) and Rural Agricultural Work Experience Program model Popularly called “RAWEP”(2014). These models are replicated and implemented across the country. Prof. Gowda travelled widely across 18 countries both for participation and presentation of invited papers in the International Conferences. Many recognitions and awards are bestowed to him both individually and the institution that he served considering his vast contributions. Important ones are; Swamy Sahajananda Best Extension Scientist Award by ICAR during 2009, Life time achievement Award by the International Society of Extension Education presented by the President of India during 2013, UAS, Bangalore received most Prestigious Sardar Patel Best Institution Award of ICAR, 2014 from among 75 Farm Universities in the Country during my tenure as Vice Chancellor of UAS, Bangalore.