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2019 Speakers

Marta Valdez Melara

Marta Valdez Melara, Speaker at Plant Science Conferences
Marta Valdez Melara
The University of Costa Rica, Costa Rica, United States


Dr. Marta Valdez-Melara obtained a Doctorate in natural sciences from the University of Paris VI, France, in 1986. Her area of specialization is genetics, plant biotechnology, and biosafety. She Is a professor at the School of Biology of the University of Costa Rica since 1990. Also, she was the founder and first Director of the National Center for Biotechnological Innovations in Costa Rica and is a corresponding member of the French Academy of Agriculture. She has received two decorations: "National Order of French Merit" in 2014 and  "Order of the Liberator of Slaves José Simeón Cañas" of the Government of El Salvador in 2015.