2019 Speakers

Pierre Chagvardieff

Pierre Chagvardieff, Speaker at Plant science and Biology Conference
Pierre Chagvardieff
CEA, France


Dr Pierre CHAGVARDIEFF has long expertise in biological science and R&D management on plant physiology, plant x microorganisms interactions, toxicological effects of metals. International expert in biotechnologies at CEA, scientific leader of CEA R&D “impact of technologies on humans and environment”, he is representative in French Union of Research Institutes on environment (www.allenvi.fr). Formerly Director of Biosciences and Biotechnologies Institute of Aix-Marseille (BIAM/CEA/Cadarache), he is manager of DEMETERRES project devoted to the “Development of bio- and eco- technologies for effluents and soils remediation in support to a restauration strategy following a nuclear accident”. He is also part of the SCARCE project (Singapore CEA Alliance for Research in Circular Economy).

Oral Presentation (In-Person)