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2019 Speakers

Ruma Pal

Ruma Pal, Speaker at Plant Science Conferences
Ruma Pal
University of Calcutta, India


Dr. Ruma Pal, Professor in Algology, Department of Botany, University of Calcutta, India, did her Masters and Ph.D. from the same University in 1989 and joined as in charge teacher in 2000. She is the ‘Fellow of West Bengal Academy of Science and Technology’India. She has an experience of 35yrs in the field of Algal Biotechnology and also explored Algal diversity from different niches. Scope algae in Nano-biotechnology, Bioremediation, Aquaculture, cancer biology, and CO2 sequestration is her field of research. Prof Pal has completed 15 Govt.projects published 125 researches papers, writer of 3 books, 3 patent holders and produced more than 12 Ph.D. students.

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