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2021 Speakers

Valasia Iakovoglou

Valasia Iakovoglou, Speaker at Plant Biology Conferences
UNESCO, Greece
Title : Plant species and humans in Urban settings


In urban settings, plants substantially contribute in improving our lives mainly by enhancing the aesthetic value and cleaning the air.  In addition, plants also result in increasing property value. Nonetheless, wrong planting choices by not careful plant species selection could lead to unpleasant results to the users, such as accidents. This study focuses on providing information on species planted in urban settings at the Northern part of Greece. Further, it provides potential solution to the problem by informing on what plant species should be avoided when planting in urban settings. Particular emphasis is given at school yards that makes them of great importance since the main users are children. Further, information is also provided on the species that can cause poisoning, fatal allergic reactions and other types of accidents. The study benefits people by guiding and providing information on what to “avoid” when planting in urban areas, particularly where children are the main users.  


Dr. Valasia Iakovoglou is a distinct graduate of Iowa State University, USA. She has more than 20-yrs of national/international research and teaching experience as an Ecophysiologist/Silviculture expert in seedling production and Restoration/Conservation of Ecosystems with emphasis on Biodiversity under the challenges of Climate Change. She has received numerous scholarships, awards and recognitions. She is an editor of nine international journals and a reviewer in more than fifteen with one of them being the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). She has more than 100 publications (such as books/book chapters and peer-reviewed scientific papers). She is active in many scientific societies such as the Mediterranean Experts of Climate and environmental Change (MedECC) and associations such as the “Association of Inter-Balkan Woman’s Cooperation Societies (AIWCS)” of UNESCO Center, where she serves as Board Member. Currently she is the Director of the Ecotourism Sector of the UNESCO chair Con-E-Ect.

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