2022 Speakers

Davabhai Jethabhai Patel

Davabhai Jethabhai Patel, Speaker at Plant Biotechnology Congress 2022
Anand Agricultural university, India
Title : Emerging nematode problems of crops in India


Phytonematodes  are ubiquitous browsers of crop roots. About 3000(10 % of 30,000 parasites identified so far)plant parasitic nematodes attack different agricultural and horticultural crops and induce about US Dollars 524 billion annually monetary losses in crops globally. In general, 12-13% crop losses are exclusively due to phytonematodes. In India, It is about Rs .2108 crores  only in 24 crops covered under AICRP on Nematodes estimated due to already known nematodes attacking crops in 2005.

But recently in  last one decade, root – knot  nematodes ( mostly Meloidogyne incognita) has been observed/recorded to attack new crops viz. Gherkin, Crossendra, Carrot, Coleus, Gerbera, Tuberose, Cabbage & Carnation in poly houses, Pomegranate, Mulberry, Olive, Castor, Groundnut, Cotton, Lac, Potato tubers, etc. Infection of M.graminicola on rice is a serious threat to farmers in almost all  rice growing  areas of the country. Now, M. incognita is reported to attack wheat  crop which may perhaps create a big threat to Rice-Wheat Cropping system in Punjab, Haryana, Western UP, Bihar, etc. Similarly M. graminicola is observed to attack even Onion and Garlic in Shimoga area of Karnataka. Maize has been observed  to be  attacked by stubby, stunt&  spiral nematodes  in Shimoga area of Karnataka and even root- knot nematodes in Gujarat.

A new species , M. enterolobii is seriously attacking Guava fruit crop In TN, Karnataka, Gujarat, etc. Likewise, M. indica ,so called as Asian Citrus Root- Knot Nematodes is reported on citrus first time from Gujarat. It has been also observed on citrus in other states as well. Cowpea  and Castor are also hosts of this nematodes. Potato Golden Nematodes( Globodera rostochiensis & G. pallid)are  new threat to potato growing areas of J& K and HP, though it is only known to be restricted in Ooty  & Koddaicanal hills in TN.Even few varieties of Marigold (Tagetes Spp.) well known as antagonistic crop, is attacked by root- knot nematodes. Field Tuberose is severely attacked by Leaf & Bud nematodes( Aphelenchoides bessyii )in West Bengal, Assaam and other N-E states. Weeds  like Parthenium,  Chenopodium, & Poi  are also observed to be attacked  by RKN.

Hence , it is suggested to initiate research programs on these  new  nematodes attacking different crops by the scientists.


Born on June 5, 1944 at village Sapawada, Ta. Idar, Dist. Sabarkantha.  Received B. Sc.( Agri.) degree  with first class in 1967 and M. Sc.( Agri.) & Ph.D. in Plant Pathology  with  specialization in Plant Nematology with first class in 1972 & 1976 as in-service. Joined as Senior Research Assistant ( Plant Pathology) in Bidi Tobacco Research Station, Institute of Agriculture, Anand on June28,1967. Subsequently served as Instructor in Plant Protection, Nematologist, Professor& Head, Dept. of Nematology, In Charge Director of Campus at Anand & Navsari and retired as Principal & Dean, B. A. College of Agriculture, AAU, Anand on June 30, 2004 after serving for 38 years in the fields of education, research, extension education and administration   in  Agriculture. Published 240 research papers in national and international journals, 9 book  chapters, 3 bulletins & 3 review articles. Received 4 national and international  trainings in Nematology.   Presented 148 research papers in national & international seminars, attended 93 national & international workshops/seminars/symposia, 22 memberships in scientific societies. Received 10 awards/medals, served in more than 24 scientific & educational institution, worked as Presidents of Nematological society of India & Indian Society of Mycology & Plant Pathology. Worked as expert s inscientific panels, members of several QRTs, Chairman  of QRT on AICRP ON Nematodes. Guided 8 M.Sc.( Agri.) and  6 Ph.D. students in Plant Nematology. Delivered   several radio talks/ door darshan programs for farmers. Organized several scientific seminars/ workshops/ farmer’s  training programs. Visited USA, UK, Germany, Israel, China, Uganda, Kenya , Malawi, Tanzania Nepal. Presently working as advisors/consultants in few firms.

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