2022 Speakers

Remya Mohanraj

Remya Mohanraj, Speaker at Plant Science Conference 2022
Houston Community College, United States
Title : Immunostimulatory Phytochemicals from Pseudo Cereals


Phytochemicals found in plants, play a significant role in contributing to the wellbeing of human populations and from time immemorial, we have been consuming a large number of these phytocompounds as part of our diet. In the recent past, there has been a revived interest in the consumption of pseudo cereals because of their nutritional value and various health benefits. The wide array of phytochemicals present in pseudo cereals confer them with medicinal properties that include reinforcing the immune system. Such compounds could potentially lead to the discovery of novel immune boosters.  Keeping the above background in mind, this discussion is aimed at throwing some light on immunostimulatory phytochemicals that could be obtained from some pseudo cereals.


Dr.Remya Mohanraj earned her doctorate from Bharathiar University, India. Her area of research includes plant tissue culture, phytochemical analysis and isolation of therapeutic biomolecules from medicinal plants. She has been teaching college students for more than 15 years and has held several leadership roles viz. head of the department, course director and aassistant registrar. She has served in the academic council and board of studies and facilitated curriculum development and curriculum changes. In addition, she had initiated and significantly contributed to the development of various laboratories and is a recipient of three grants. Dr. Mohanraj is a reviewer and editorial board member in various International scientific journals. She has published 23 articles in scientific journals and has presented in 25 scientific conferences. She has authored 6 book chapters and is currently a Faculty in the Department of Biology, Houston Community College, Houston, Texas, USA.

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