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2022 Speakers

Ali Hassan Ibrahim

Ali Hassan Ibrahim, Speaker at Plant Biotechnology Conferences
Port Said University, Egypt
Title : The changes in floss properties, seed germination and protein expression of Calotropis procera in response to natural and artificial fruit dehiscence


A technique was established, based on artificial fruit dehiscence, to collect seeds and silk fibers of C. procera without any loss. The seeds and floss obtained by this method were compared with those collected naturally. Natural fruit dehiscence caused a marked decrease in seeds and fibers yielded from C. procera. The seeds and fibers obtained under artificial fruit dehiscence were approximately 6- fold higher than those obtained under natural fruit dehiscence. Furthermore, the application of artificial fruit dehiscence treatment had further advantages, such as a decrease in fiber diameter, and an increase in fiber density and cellulose content. However, this treatment had a slight negative impact on seed biomass and fiber birefringence. Fiber length, lignin and ash content of fibers were not affected by artificial fruit dehiscence. Seed germinability and seedling biomass were slightly decreased following application of artificial fruit dehiscence in comparison with natural fruit dehiscence. A significant difference was observed between the two treatments in amylase activity, soluble sugars and protein content. Some variation in protein expression was also apparent. Artificial fruit dehiscence lowered the expression of the short chain dehydrogenase, elongation factor 1-alpha, and peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase in comparison with natural dehiscence. Conversely, the expression of chitinase was enhanced in response to the artificial fruit dehiscence. Two conserved protein regions (prrl and vvet) were also observed.


Dr Ali  Ibrahim  obtained his M.Sc. and PhD in Plant Physiology in 1993 and 1999, respectively   from  Faculty of Science,  Mansoura  University,  Egypt. During his PhD study he travelled abroad  for two years at Wales University (at the Center of Arid Zone Study), UK. He worked  as associate  professor at Umm Al Qura University,  Saudi Arabia  for  about 9 years. In 2017, He was promoted as professor of Plant Physiology   at Botany Department, Faculty of Science, Port Said University and become the head of this department. He published about 30 research article  in   an international journals.  Nowadays, he is the vice Dean of Education and student affairs,  Faculty of Science, Port Said University. 

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