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2022 Speakers

Kamini Devi

Kamini Devi, Speaker at Plant Biotechnology Conferences
Guru Nanak Dev University, India
Title : The influence of Black carbon and Biostimulant: Emerging adsorbent substrates for amelioration of metal toxicity in tomato seedlings


With the advancement of industries and agriculture technologies, there is inexorable upsurge in the metals and agriwaste pollutants which freely infiltrate the food chain which is hazardous for sound ecosystem. Current studies indicate the potential of biochar in mitigation of pollution loads in the habitat. The biochar (BC) adsorbs heavy metals and enhance the nutrients and microflora of the soil. The salicylic acid (SA) plays an important role in modulating the biotic and abiotic factors.  The current study was therefore planned to evaluate the favourable effects of biochar (10g/kg soil) supplemented with salicylic acid (2.5 mM) in the amelioration of chromium stress in tomato seedlings. The present study showed that the 0.25 mM Cr caused toxicity in the tomato seedlings grown under in vitro and in vivo conditions. Cr toxicity increased the oxidative stress that further altered the activities of antioxidative enzymes like Catalase (CAT), Glutathione-s-transferase (GST), Glutahione peroxidase (GPOX), Ascorbate peroxidase (APOX), and Glutathione Reductase (GR), Superoxide dismutase (SOD), Guiacol peroxidase (POD) and Polyphenol peroxidase (PPO). Supplementation of seedlings with Biochar and Salicylic acid dwindled the toxicity of Cr by elevating the levels of antioxidant enzymes and photosynthetic parameters of tomato plants. The gaseous exchange parameters were measured after 45 days of seed sowing using Infrared Gas Analyzer (LI-COR LI-6400XT portable open photosynthesis system) and the fluorescence quenching in Photosystem II were analysed by PAM (Pulse-amplitude modulated chlorophyll fluorometry). The result of the present study suggested that the addition of black-carbon (BC) and biostimulant (SA) may play important role in amelioration of chromium toxicity by regulating the antioxidative defense system in tomato seedlings.

Audience Take Away:

  • Cheap and Sustainable Agriculture Waste Management
  • Creating entrepreneurs in village and town
  • Enhance crop and herbal productivity
  • Biochar was able to remove 90% of the targeted pharmaceuticals, Pesticides, and heavy metals.


Kamini Devi, Research Scholar, at the Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, Punjab, and Post Graduated in Master of Science in Botany in 2017. She has joined the Plant Stress Physiology Lab of Prof. Renu Bhardwaj in 2019 at Guru Nanak University. She has contributed as a co-author in 1 review article in Frontiers in Plant Sciences and 2 Book Chapters in reputed journals.


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