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2023 Speakers

Susmita Shukla

Susmita Shukla, Speaker at Plant Science Conferences
Amity University, India
Title : Sustainable development via plant cultivation through in vitro system: A change in scenario


Plant tissue culture has emerged in such a way that it finely integrates with biotechnology and agricultural systems and being a key enabler in support of many pharmaceutical and industrial outcomes. Since 1902 there have been tremendous advances in plant culture and their application has spawned great diversity in science. In the last few decades, tissue culture techniques have been developed to meet the increasing thrust for achieving large scale production of enhanced secondary metabolite, plant growth, biological activities, and genetic transformation studies of almost all plant species. Significant advances in techniques to deal with hurdles of recalcitrant tree species, endangered horticultural crops and low concentrations of secondary metabolites have been sought. The increased use of plant culture system has been evident for a superior perception of plant- oriented compounds such as secondary metabolites and tissue culture protocol of economically important plants. Due to the development of modern techniques, several specific protocols have been developed for the commercial scale production of a wide range of several plant species including leguminous, horticultural and tree species. Plant tissue culture has made significant contributions recently and is now an indispensable tool for the advancement of agricultural science and modern agriculture. Agriculture puts food on our plates hence it is a key factor in covering the SDGs of achieving food security, productive employment for all along with supporting the livelihoods of over millions of farmers around the world. These farmers face many challenges from climate change, threats to biodiversity and feeding a growing population. While in vitro protocols presented as quite an answers to these challenges, there is need to continue enhancing and exploring in this state of art of culturing plant tissue in vitro followed by commercialization of in vitro raised tissue culture plants.


Dr. (Mrs.) Susmita Shukla is M.Sc and PhD in Biotechnology and has more than 20 years of vast experience of teaching and research in leading Universities and Institutes. She is actively involved in mentoring, guiding, supervising graduates, post graduates students and PhD scholars. Her broad research area is in vitro clonal propogation of elite medicinal and economic tree species, embryo rescue, secondary metabolite production, mass multiplication through tissue culture and transgenics. Dr Shukla’s Lab’s focuses on production of quality planting material by altering the plant hormones for growth and developments and in development of transgenic plants specifically underlying biotic and abiotic stress tolerance

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