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2019 Speakers

N Shanthi

N Shanthi, Speaker at Plant Biotechnology Conferences
N Shanthi
Pachaiyappas College, India


Dr. N. Shanthi is the Assistant Professor, PG and Research Department of Botany, Pachaiyappa’s College, Chennai, India. She has one decade of Post Graduate teaching and Research experience in the field of Stress Physiology. She has completed one research project. She has signed an MOU in 2018 with SynkroMax Biotech Pvt Ltd., Chennai, for research and exchange of faculty and research scholars. She has published 1 books and 25 papers in national and international journals. She is a reviewer for many international journals. She has also presented the paper at the International conference in Malaysia and Singapore. Recently She has received Outstanding Scientist Award for Initiatives, Discoveries, and Developments in the discipline of Botany from Venus International Foundation, Chennai and Distinguish professor awards fromAIMIST University,Kedah,Malaysia.