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2019 Speakers

N Shanthi

N Shanthi, Speaker at Plant Biotechnology Conferences
Pachaiyappas College, India
Title : The Effect of enhanced solar UV-B (280-320 nm) radiation on morphology, photosynthetic pigment synthesis, and accumulation of bioactive compounds in some medicinal plants


UV-B is the primary environmental factor in tropical region to stimulate growth, development and induction of secondary pigment synthesis in medicinal plants. The studies on UV- in medicinal plants are very less particularly with respect of UVB induced bioactive compound in plants. In the present study, the traditional medicinal plants like Achyranthes, Acalypha and Phyllanthus were subject to UV-B radiation under field condition and assessed the harmful effect on morphology, photosynthetic pigment synthesis and accumulation of bioactive compounds at different ages. There is no significant changes were seen the morphology of the plants. Rather than negative effect the UVB radiation to promote the growth of Phyllathus from early to later stages of the plant. Whereas, in Acalypha and Achyranthes in early stage showed slight inhibition but later stage it recovers from such inhibition and lead to a normal life. The chlorophyll and carotenoid synthesis did not demonstrate any significant impact by UV-B. The phytochemical analysis of dried leaf methanol extracts of individual plant showed the presence of flavonoids, anthocyanin, alkaloids, phytosterol, saponin, tannin and steroids. Further examination of TLC also reveled quantitative and qualitative difference in bioactive compound profile. They were additionally confirmed by few significant chromatographic peaks of GC-MS analyses. This examination inferred that the UVB stress is a more intense factor to increasing concentration of active components in medicinal plants. In future the UVB induced bioactive components is more essential potential herbal drug for human healthcare.


Dr. N. Shanthi is the Assistant Professor, PG and Research Department of Botany, Pachaiyappa’s College, Chennai, India. She has one decade of Post Graduate teaching and Research experience in the field of Stress Physiology. She has completed one research project. She has signed an MOU in 2018 with SynkroMax Biotech Pvt Ltd., Chennai, for research and exchange of faculty and research scholars. She has published 1 books and 25 papers in national and international journals. She is a reviewer for many international journals. She has also presented the paper at the International conference in Malaysia and Singapore. Recently She has received Outstanding Scientist Award for Initiatives, Discoveries, and Developments in the discipline of Botany from Venus International Foundation, Chennai and Distinguish professor awards fromAIMIST University,Kedah,Malaysia.

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