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2019 Speakers

Ting Wang

Ting Wang, Speaker at Plant Biology Conferences
Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Title : Researches on the radiation induced non-targeted effects in Arabidopsis thaliana


Radiation induced non-targeted effects, which include bystander effects and adaptive effects, have been extensively studied using cell system, multicellular tissues in vitro as well as whole organism in vivo, our aims were to investigate the radiation induced non-targeted effects in plant in vivo, Firstly, using root-localized irradiation, we investigated radiation-induced bystander effects in aerial parts of A. thaliana plants from developmental, genetic and epigenetic aspects by targeting the distal primary roots of seedlings with alpha particles. Then the bystander signaling pathways were studied and results suggested the involvement of the JA signal pathway in the RIBE of plants, the JA signal pathway was shown to participate in both the generation of bystander signals in irradiated root cells and radiation responses in the bystander aerial parts of plants. And we also demonstrated the time course of long distance signaling in radiation-induced bystander effects. Secondly, radiation induced adaptive response was further investigated, we established an experimental method for detecting the effects of gamma-irradiation on the primary root growth of Arabidopsis thaliana, in which adaptive response of root growth was significantly induced by several dose combinations. Lastly, the interaction between adaptive response and radiation-induced bystander effect were studied, the X-ray-localized irradiation of the aerial parts of seedlings (5Gy) initiated obvious adaptive response of root tip cells, exhibiting attenuation of root growth inhibition and cell cycle arrest, reduced level of DNA strand breaks, and promoted repair efficiency of the homologous recombination (HR) and non-homologous end jointing (NHEJ) after the whole seedlings were exposed to 100 Gy of challenging radiation (γ-rays), which suggested the bystander effects mediating the adaptive response in plant.

Take Away Notes:
• Radiation induced non-targeted effects have been well demonstrated in Arabidopsis thaliana.
• Plant is an ideal model for addressing many radiation responses.
• Our studies provided some experimental methods for studying the different response under stress condition.


Dr. Ting Wang studied biophysics in the research group of Prof. Po Bian at the Hefei institutes of Physical Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and received her PhD degree in 2014, then she worked as an associate professor at the same institute, her main research interests are radiation induced non-targeted effects in plant, and she has published over 10 research articles in SCI journals.

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