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2020 Speakers

Huang Wei Ling

Huang Wei Ling, Speaker at Plant Biotechnology Conferences
Medical Acupuncture and Pain Management Clinic, Brazil
Title : How to treat rheumatoid arthritis using foods as the main tools?


Statement of the Problem: Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic autoimmune inflammatory disease, which affects approximately 1% of the world’s adult population. It is characterized by the inflammation of synovial tissue from multiple articulations, leading to tissue destruction, pain, deformities and reduced quality of life. RA etiology is complex and largely unknown, although studies support the influence of genetic and environmental factors on its pathogenesis. According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) theory, RA is categorized under the “Bi” or impediment disease, which means a group of diseases caused by the invasion of wind, cold, dampness, or heat pathogen on the meridians involving muscles, sinews, bones, and joints, manifested by local pain, soreness, heaviness, or hotness, and even articular swelling, stiffness, and deformities, also referring to arthralgia. According to Chinese nutritional therapy, all patients with pain in the joints should avoid the consumption of dairy products.

Purpose: To demonstrate that patient with rheumatoid arthritis need to avoid the ingestion of dairy products.

Methods: Through an extensive literature review by PubMed and NCBI on rheumatoid arthritis in Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine and the report of a clinical case demonstrating the importance of dietary counselling avoiding the ingestion of dairy products in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis patients. This patient is a 26-year-old male, with diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis since 5 years ago, and was using immunosuppressive medications and corticosteroids to control the pains in all joints. He began to treat his pains with a Chinese medicine doctor who advise him to avoid all dairy products, cold water, raw food and sweets. The second group of foods that was orientated to avoid was fried foods, chocolate, honey, melted cheese, coconut, alcoholic beverages and the third group of foods to avoid was coffee, soda and matte tea. The patient also was submitted to auricular acupuncture with apex ear bloodletting and radiesthesia procedure. All his seven
chakra´s were in the lowest level of energy (rated 1 out of 8) and he was medicated with high diluted medications for a period of one year or more.

Results: The patient improved from his symptoms after the oriental medicine tools and avoiding all dairy products and after less one month of treatment he was able to withdrawn his high concentrated medications (corticosteroids and immune suppressant medications) and never need to use them anymore.

Conclusion: Rheumatoid arthritis patients should be advised to avoid the consumption of dairy products because all the patients’ symptoms were normally attributed to the disease but, thought this case report, the author is demonstrating the necessity of take out all dairy products from the patients’ diet to improve all the symptoms related to pain in rheumatoid arthritis.

Audience Take Away:
• The audience will learn from my presentation that all kinds of pain in the joints, need to the reduction or avoidance of dairy products
• They will have conditions to advice the patients to avoid the ingestion dairy products and other kinds of foods (depending of energies imbalances of each patient) when treating patients with rheumatoid arthritis


Huang Wei Ling, born in Taiwan, raised and graduated in medicine in Brazil, specialist in infectious and parasitic diseases, General Practitioner and Parenteral and Enteral Medical Nutrition Therapist. Once in charge of the Hospital Infection Control Service of the City of Franca’s General Hospital, she was responsible for the control of all prescribed antimicrobial medication and received an award for the best paper presented at the Brazilian Hospital Infection Control Congress (1998). Since 1997, she works with the approach and treatment of all chronic diseases in a holistic way, with treatment guided through teachings of traditional Chinese medicine and Hippocrates.

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