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2024 Speakers

Neeraj Bainsal

Neeraj Bainsal, Speaker at Plant Science Conferences
Chandigarh University, India
Title : Antianxiety activity of Thalictrum foliolosum (roots) and Shorea robusta (resin): Research outcomes from animal experimentation studies


Introduction: Anxiety is a fearful state expressed as common mental issue that witness by population as a part of everyday life. The reason for fear and worries may be imagined or real. These feelings affect mentally or physically both and considered as anxiety disorder, if persists for longer period of time, especially in case of absence of any stressor or cause. As per surveys based on large population, more than 33.7 percent of total population affected by anxiety ailment.

Objective: The aim of current study was to perform a comparative estimation of antianxiety activity of two traditionally utilized herbal plants – Shorea robusta (resin) and Thalictrum foliolosum (roots).

Methods: The activity of various successive extracts viz. petroleum ether, chloroform, ethanol and water of both the plants were evaluated using EPM (elevated plus maze) animal model at doses 100, 200 and 400 mg/kg. The studies were performed using laca mice and test materials were given per oral route.

Results: The ethanol extract of Thalictrum foliolosum roots possessed maximum and significant effects at 400 mg/kg on EPM. The results were compared to diazepam (2mg/kg) standard antianxiety drug.

Conclusion: The results suggest the therapeutic potential of Thalictrum foliolosum roots as an alternative in the management of anxiety disorder.


Dr. Neeraj bainsal completed her Bachelor of Pharmacy from Himachal Pradesh University Shimla in 2011 with 76 percent and studied Masters of Pharmacy from Baddi University in 2013. She completed her PhD degree in 2023 from Chandigarh University. She has 27 review and research papers and 2 book chapters in her credit. She has 1 published and 1 filed patent. She has a total of 10 years of teaching experience. She guided more than 10 projects of Pharmacy final year students. Her specialization is in herbal plants and their antianxiety activity. Currently she is working as Assistant professor in Chandigarh University Gharuan Mohali since 2016.

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