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2024 Speakers

Chaichi Wissem

Chaichi Wissem, Speaker at Plant Science Conferences
University of Blida 1, Algeria
Title : Effect of vegetable oils and aqueous extracts on antifungal activities and strategic crop development mechanisms


Integrated production in sustainable agriculture focuses on improving the efficiency of biological inputs through biofertilizers and bioproducts based on plant extracts.

Our project is about evaluating the effectiveness of vegetable oils and aqueous extracts of Moringa oleifera, along with a biofertilizer containing a blend of trace elements in the form of orthosilicic acid "in vivo," on the antifungal activity and developmental mechanisms of strawberry cultivation (Fragaria annanasa) under controlled seedling conditions in the polycarbonate greenhouse of the Department of Biotechnology and Agroecology at the University of Blida 1. The trial involved four bioproducts (silicium-based bioproduct, Moringa Oleifera seed oil-based bioproduct, aqueous leaf extract-based bioproduct, and ethanol leaf extract-based bioproduct), using a 5 ml dose applied foliarly compared to a control. The experimental period lasted from 02/13/2023 to 07/10/2023, during which growth and morpho-physiological parameters were monitored, as well as the effect of bioproducts on fungal diseases after identification.

The results indicated a highly significant difference in growth rate, final height, above-ground and below-ground parts, leaf surface area, dry biomass, and significant effectiveness in antifungal activity among these bioproducts.

Keywords: Biofertilizer, Antifungal Activity, Moringa Oleifera , Fragaria annanasa, Growth Parameters, Morpho-physiological Parameter, Silicium .


Chaichi Wissem is from University of Blida 1, Algeria.

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