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2024 Speakers


Shrishail, Speaker at Plant Biotechnology Conferences
Kuvempu University, India
Title : Phytochemical and physicochemical Characterization of apiary honeys from the different regions of Central Western Ghats of Karnataka, South India


Honey is a natural sweetener produced from honey bees. This study explores the diverse composition of honey, influenced by the foraging preferences of honey bees. The research focuses on analysing phytochemical and physicochemical characteristics, such as, moisture content, acidity, pH levels, total reducing sugars, HMF (Hydroxymethylfurfural), and diastase activity. The investigation of five distinct varieties of honey samples sourced from domesticated Apis cerana colonies in the Central Western Ghats of Karnataka. Samples were collected from various commercial beekeeping sites, providing valuable insights into the quality of honey based on floral sources. The results supports that composition of honey depends on nectar yielding plants and from the Economic point of view it adds commercial value to local honeys.

Keywords: Central Western Ghats, phytochemicals, Apis cerana


Dr. Shrishail, a botanist, graduated with a M.Sc. in 2001, specializing in plant tissue culture and genetic engineering from Gulbarga University, Kalaburgi, at Karnataka. Subsequently, under the guidance of Dr. Pratima Mathad, he pursued a Ph.D., concentrating on plant taxonomy. His doctoral research is a comprehensive biodiversity study on fort flora in Hyderabad Karnataka, South India, and earning doctoral degree in 2010. Currently serving as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Botany Kuvempu University at Shivamoga. Dr. Shrishail has showcased his commitment to advancing botanical sciences through extensive research, boasting a prolific publication record comprising over 50 journals

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