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2024 Speakers

Kirakosyan Gohar

Kirakosyan Gohar, Speaker at Plant Biology Conferences
Scientific Center Vegetables and Industrial Crops Ministry of Economy Republic of Armenia, Armenia
Title : Study of the several genetic resources beans in Armenia


Beans are rich in biologically active substances. It is a great source of vegetable proteins. Our national population consumes a large amount of beans in their diet, both in the form of green beans and beans. Cultivation of beans is carried out both in the open field and in greenhouses. More than 20 bean genetic resources/local ancient forms, cultivated varieties, imported varieties and hybrids from the world collection, original lines/research works have been developed by us. Bushy and wrapping forms belonging to the Phaseolus vulgaris species were studied. The wrapping forms were studied under greenhouse conditions. Their vegetation lasted 57-90 days, and the yield in the green under stage was 12-18 kg/m2. The Gohar variety stood out for its early maturity, its vegetation lasted 57-60 days. Armenian Chalpturik, Zepyur, Zara varieties, Ghapan variety population stood out in greenhouse conditions. In open field Masisi vegetable, Varyonka, Konditer, Dragon tang Green group varieties and Goris local variety population. An evaluation of the biological, morphological, agronomic properties of bean genetic resources in open field and greenhouse conditions was carried out. The studied genetic resources are the best starting material for the breeding of new varieties and hybrids that are adaptive in the conditions of climate variability.


Dr. Gohar Kirakosyan studied Breeding and Genetics of the Agricultural Crops Faculty of Agronomy at the Armenian  National  Agrarian University  and graduated as MS in 2008. She then joined the research at the Scientific Center Vegetables & Industrial Crops MoE  RA. She is PhD (Agronomy, Plant Industry) in 2016. She worked position of Head of Department of Breeding and Cultivation Technologies of Covered Ground Crops (Greenhous). She has published more than 18 research articles and created 3 new sorts beans. Participated in international and Union conferences and with Presentations.

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