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2024 Speakers

Rolika Gupta

Rolika Gupta, Speaker at Plant Biotechnology Conferences
Career Point University, India
Title : Technologies for the production of tissue raised quality rich Swertia chirayita using LED lamps


The major bioactive compounds in S. chirayita are amarogentin (most bitter compound) and mangiferin, which contribute to its medicinal value due to its anti-diabetic, anticancer, antimicrobial and anti-malarial properties. In this study, we developed a light emitting diode (LED)–based culture setup as an alternative to the existing white fluorescent lamps (WFL) used as a light source in the tissue culture conditions of the plants. The tissue raised plants of S. chirayita cultivated under LED lights showed a higher accumulation of shoot biomass and secondary metabolites as compared with plants growing under WFL. In the LED lights experiment, red LED accounted for the maximum biomass accumulation (3.56 ± 0.04 g L-1), and blue LED accounted for the accumulated maximum content of amarogentin (8.025 ± 0.04 μg mg-1 DW), total phenolics (22.33±1.05 mg GA g-1 DW), total flavonoids (29± 1.03 mg QE g-1 DW) and DPPH radical scavenging activity (50.40 ± 0.16%) in comparison with other light conditions. From the findings, we propose LED lightning as a more sustainable, eco- friendly and reliable source for the enormous production of quality rich secondary metabolites in shoot cultures of S. chirayita than the traditionally used fluorescent lights. Such studies open up new avenues for the conservation of natural population of the herb too.


Rolika Gupta is a highly motivated and accomplished biotechnology professional with a strong academic background in plant tissue culture and microbiology, holding a Ph.D. degree from Jaypee University of Information Technology. I am currently working as Assistant Professor in Career Point University, Hamirpur. With a passion for research, she has conducted extensive study in the field of medicinal herbs of Himalayan Region, leading to several publications and a book chapter. Her expertise lies in in-vitro technologies for the production of bioactive compounds and cryopreservation of plants. She has also demonstrated a keen interest in optimizing nutrient media conditions for the continuous production of shoot biomass enriched in major medicinal constituents. She is seeking a challenging position to utilize her knowledge and skills in a competitive environment and is known for her resourcefulness, innovation, and flexible approach to problem-solving.

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